Open Goaaal! is a brilliant new soccer product, invented in Europe and brought over to the US by Admiral Sports.

EPL players like Rio Ferdinand, Darren Fletcher (ex Manchester United) and Tim Howard’s captain Phil Jagielka all have one (or two !) in their back yards for their kids.

And it just appeared on the UK’s version of Shark’s Tank called Dragons Den.

Open Goaaal! was invented to allow kids to truly enjoy practising soccer in their back yard. And this is really pertinent right now.

For example, at the recent Norcal Convention we heard senior level coaches from US Club Soccer talking about their new Players First Initiative and the importance of enjoyment to the development of young players. It’s too easy for structured nightly training sessions to be at the expense of the freedom and fun of simply kicking around.

An example of this is US Club Soccer’s new partnership with Topya to inspire kids to have fun and develop passion for their sport.

In addition, speakers at the convention talked about kids’ inactivity at home (due to Xbox and TV) becoming a very significant issue. eg. see Aspen Institute. So much so that they are “not masters of their own bodies anymore” as their lack of activity drives lack of fitness and strength and means their bodies are not fit for purpose in developing soccer skills.

Open Goaaal! is a brilliant product for practising, enabling that fun in their own back yard, and for promoting exercise at home. Parents consistently comment that the kids are out in the yard rather than on the xbox. And Open Goaaal! received great feedback from coaches at both NSCAA and Norcal.

As we mentioned above, Open Goaaal! has a number of high profile EPL players who have posted about it on social media, all of whom stated their kids’ love for it. One even stated privately he had to “drag the kids out of the garden at 8pm”. This is really positive and reflects the reaction of our existing enthusiastic customers.


Open Goaaal! is fully compliant to EN71 and all related safety tests.

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Manufactured and supplied by Admiral Sports under licence from Open Goaaal Investments Ltd.

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